Adhesive Tile Art Wall Decor 3D Print Sticker – 40*160cm

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Adhesive Tile Art Wall Decor 3D Print Sticker – 40*160cm 

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Adhesive Tile Art Wall Decor 3D Print Sticker – 40*160cm 

Product Description

  • Self-adhesive Stickers,with high quality of pigment, high density image, traditional European style, emulate in high grade
  • Apply to wall decoration, floor decoration, glasses decoration, decorations of skirting line and waistline
  • Tile art peel & stick can be applied to bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, doors, drawers, or any other smooth surface.
  • Simple to stick on, can change the bald white floor and other boring types, give your home an entirely new look
  • Add a water sheild in the surface layer of the product, has the function to prevent water and moist, then use duster cloth to clean dirty
  • An intimate package with one square meter, you can choose the quantity according to your using area
  • Bring on the color-decorative products for the house which are both useful and beautiful.
  • Designs for the home give a touch of glamour and exquisite décor to every house for a minimal cost.
  • From decorative wall tile vinyl stickers to vinyl mats and even drain covers – the most ordinary items are dressed with authentic design that makes all the difference for the house.
  • Redecorate and upgrade your space by applying TILE ART in a variety of patterns, styles and colors.
  • Mix and match the different designs to create a unique atmosphere.
  • TILE ART can be used on ceramics, wood, glass, porcelain, or stone and is removable without damaging the application surface.

Product Parameter:

  • Texture: PVC
  • Prodct Size: A roll about 40 cm * 160 cm

Product List:

1x A roll Tile Sticker


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